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Good To Go

There is no doubt, we have missed our guests throughout the extended coronavirus lockdown and it has been great to be back up and running since 11th of July.  It has been hard work for everyone across Scottish tourism to implement all the many extra measures to prepare for reopening.  At Glencoldon Cottage, we are so pleased to be able to welcome visitors back again, safely.  We hope our certification to the “Good To Go” tourism standard provides some reassurance on the measures we have in place; and also that it is still possible to have a memorable and enjoyable holiday in Strathspey, even if some care has to be taken in certain situations.

However, we feel it’s also important for us all to realise that we all have a part to play.  Tourism-related businesses and guests should be aware that it is unlikely that everyone living locally will be absolutely delighted that people from areas of the UK, or wider world, where Covid-19 is much more prevalent, are now heading for the Highlands and freely moving through towns and villages again.  Of course, abiding by national and local rules will go a long way towards allaying any fears, and we all need to be sensitive to the feelings and requests of local communities and individuals.


As usual, the wider Cairngorms community has taken a lead, bringing everyone together under #CairngormsTogether.  Always a great source of information on everything visitors need to know about what’s going on is Visit Cairngorms; but, it also now has a “What’s Open” section which provides the status of areas, attractions and activities (Green / Amber / Red  –  Open / Closed / Restricted), and is aimed to help visitors plan ahead, book ahead if necessary, to avoid risks or disappointment that an attraction or activity is not accessible.


Wild Garden, Wildflowers + Welcoming Wildlife!

With each summer that passes, our ongoing efforts to promote even greater biodiversity in the wild garden feels like it is being more and more successful.  One way we have done this is to encourage the spread of wildflowers wherever possible.  The variety and abundance looks to be growing every year, along with the variety and abundance of bees and other insects feeding on them.  An amazingly colourful display this year!

This has perhaps not gone unnoticed by other wildlife, as we have also seen the return of the deer!!  In the depths of the lockdown, I wondered in Blog (below): “As a final grounding thought, also perhaps being enjoyed at the moment by some is the total peace in Glencoldon Cottage’s wild garden due to the absence of guests over the past few weeks…… thoughts go back to last spring when the baby Roe Deer stayed in the garden for several weeks, seemingly visited by its mother every night, mostly unperturbed by visitors, gorging itself on the abundant new buds and growth in the garden!  If it’s even the slightest of silver linings, some may be enjoying the peace of the lockdown!  The wild garden, not just a peaceful sanctuary for we humans!”

Well, what an uplifting turn-up!  There is no way of telling whether it is the baby deer from last year, but gut-instinct tells us it must be……..  It is about a year old, seems to have waited patiently until the gates were open again (after 4 months was back in straight away), comes and goes as it pleases (knows it’s way around!), and is pretty unphased by humans!  In fact, if you’re coming any time soon, don’t be surprised if you’re welcomed by a young Roe Deer!

  1 year ago!  For returning guests, please let us know if it recognises you!!

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