Thank You!  And All the Best for 2021!

We hope this finds you fit and well, and that you, your family and friends have got through this worrying and surreal year as well as can be expected.  Even the best-laid plans for 2020 couldn’t have avoided being thrown off course by the covid-19 outbreak and all its implications.  Our plans for 2020 were no different.  From plans to blog here regularly (oops…… last one in July!!), make certain ongoing improvements to the cottage, to fund-raising for wildlife conservation projects through the Cairngorms Trust, everything has been thrown up in the air!

However, given the really tough time many have been facing, we realise we are just fortunate to still be in business, even if not able to accept guests for the moment.  So, a huge thank you to all the guests that have made it in 2020!  It goes without saying that our guests, especially those who are keen to come even when it is difficult, are very much appreciated.  The great feedback on cleanliness and covid-readiness of the cottage has been really helpful too to reassure potential guests that we were tackling the virus risks correctly (please see our reviews).  The Turnaround Team has certainly gone above-and-beyond this year, ensuring the best cleaning protocols and safety measures have been in place from the start.  So, huge thanks to them too!


To finish the year on a wee bit of a high, although Nov and Dec bookings slowly disappeared as tiers were introduced and restrictions tightened, we have managed to make a modest contribution to the Cairngorms Trust, which has also had a very difficult year.  So, hopefully to set us up for a better 2021, this has provided a more positive end to the year on one of our core commitments – to do everything we can to help safeguard and enhance the ecology, habitats, wildlife etc. of the Cairngorms National Park.  Blog 2 (below) has more on the story of the funds raised being used locally by BoGWiG towards the audacious attempt to entice passing Ospreys to become resident in Boat of Garten!

I also mentioned Woodland Wheels below, which is an exciting community company project with the aim of developing Strathspey’s first cycle “pump track”.  The progress made on this by devoted locals, despite the pandemic, must be another stand-out in 2020.  It is still very much on track to go ahead and is well into the planning process.

What we didn’t realise when we mentioned below that world famous cyclist, Danny MacAskill, was a supporter of the BoG Pump Track, was that Danny actually did one of his spectacular videos in and around Boat of Garten train station, and some of the paths in the surrounding area, 3 years ago.  As always, his Wee Day Out is a jaw-dropping watch!  The video also gives people a flavour of the surrounding landscape if they haven’t been to Boat of Garten before.  And, if you’ve never seen Danny in action, you must check out The Ridge too, though not recommended for those with vertigo…………. incredible!

Whilst we can’t promise you a cycle tour along Danny’s route, you can certainly be assured that we will continue to make every effort to enhance our guests’ experience.  We hope it will be easier to do that next year!

Our very best wishes for as enjoyable a festive season as is possible, and all the best for 2021!

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