Welcome to Your Cottage!

We will do all we can to make sure you have an enjoyable, memorable and safe stay at Glencoldon Cottage.  To help, we have put our usual Guest Welcome Guide and Covid-19 information online (below) to avoid potential transmission risks from providing information in hardcopy in the cottage:


Most people by now are familiar with where to go for national information, so our guide is mainly aimed at providing general local and cottage information, what to do if a member of your group becomes unwell, and links to information on activities and attractions in the Cairngorms National Park (whether open, closed, or open with restrictions, require booking, etc.).

Glencoldon Cottage – Covid-19 Guide


We used to have a folder of useful information for guests staying at the cottage.  This is now available as PDF below:

  • Emergency
  • Heating / Hot Water / Wood Stove
  • Appliances
  • Garden
  • Travel + Activities

Also included:

  • Appendix of eco / green products used and provided
  • Recycling + Waste (including dates for landfill / recycling bin uplift!)

Glencoldon Cottage – Guest Welcome Guide