Please be reassured that the cleanliness of the cottage has always been a high priority (we have gained 5/5 for cleanliness in all 43 reviews, except one [4/5], over 2+ years in operation – please see below).   It is now our top priority, as our guest’s health and safety is always extremely important to us. 

When we are able to receive guests again, we are aware that some people might have concerns about whether the cottage could be contaminated by covid-19 from previous guests, since the virus can survive outside the body for some time.   Even before the restrictions, we were actively implementing further measures to make the high standards we’ve achieved even better – beyond cleaning, to sanitising; for example, we were starting to use specific higher power products on high contact areas, like door and cupboard handles, remote control pads, etc. (full details below the general information).

Measures and advice are changing frequently, so we will continue to monitor best practice from various sources.  So, please be assured that extra care and precautions will have been taken in cleaning the cottage, even if it is probably very unlikely that someone with the virus will have stayed immediately before you.

The Scottish Government website has all the up-to-date official advice and information on covid-19 in Scotland, but it would appear that the local area, and Highlands in general, have a lower risk of infection.

We wish you good health and all the best through these difficult times!

Please call Derek (07968 177394) or contact us by email if you have any queries or concerns at all

Extra steps we are taking to sanitise Glencoldon Cottage:

  • Our first line surface cleaners are now Evans Safe Zone™ Plus and Benjamin Rubbing Alcohol- Isopropyl Alcohol 70% . Information about Safe Zone™ Plus can be found here: .
  • Extra Cleaning Precautions: In addition to all primary disinfecting surface areas such as found in kitchen and bathrooms, items that people may have touched, such as the TV remote, doorknobs, window handles, taps, light switches, kitchen appliances, etc. are being disinfected with either rubbing alcohol or Safe Zone Plus.
  • Mattress protectors and pillow protectors, bed linens and towels are being washed on high temperature at the Launderette.
  • Cleaning staff are washing hands thoroughly before, during and after changeovers with anti-bacterial hand wash.
  • Cleaning staff are leaving personal items, such as mobile phones, watches, rings etc, outside of house and wearing disposable gloves, masks and PVC shoe covers.
  • Laminated A4s are being produced to remind guests of the World Health Organization key preventative measures.

 We are open to other suggestions for dealing with covid-19, so please do share with us other measures you might know of, or wish undertaken before your stay.